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Description of Services

Practice Management Skills for the Non-manager

It is critical for all practicing Therapists and Assistants to understand the essentials of Program Management. We will help your associates understand these essentials so that they know what will contribute to their own success, as well as the success of the program. We will instruct you and your associates in the "Three Essential Skills" necessary for successful practice: 1) How to treat, 2) How to get paid for treatment, and most importantly, 3) How to stay out of trouble while doing 1 & 2.

Patient Management Strategies for Success under Managed Care

In the current environment of Managed Care, it is not enough that clinicians know how to treat patients. In fact, it is probably less important than their knowledge of how to not treat patients. We will help you and your associates better understand, and function with an Internal Case Management model.

Systems Analysis and Redesign

Is your program as efficient as it could be? Should it be more efficient? It is critical for every Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation program to apply the concepts of Total Quality Management (TQM) to their operations. We can help you to apply these principles, not to create a new system, but to improve existing ones.

Policy/Procedure Assistance-Development and Revision

Does your program have policies and procedures to address problems before they occur? It is a common problem for many programs to realize that they lack an important policy after they find that they need one. This can be very expensive and potentially dangerous for the small and large program. We can assist you with the development and/or revision of these policies without creating an inflated bureaucracy.

Creating a "Provider" vs. "Staff" Mentality

Does your staff appear disinterested in pertinent matters concerning your program? Do they take an active part in Marketing, Public Relations, fee-setting, and financial matters? Not only is this required, it is essential for the health and growth of the program. We can help your clinicians move form the role of "staff" to that of "provider" and change the mindset that accompany these roles.

Defensible Claims

Many of the collection problems that PT programs experience are related to improper or poor claim submissions. Even if your program is not experiencing delays or denials in your claims processing, it is important that your claims are within accepted practice standards. The role of "The Guide to Physical Therapist Practice" is certain to grow larger over time. Is your program ready? This is essential not only from the claims perspective, but from a liability standpoint as well. Unfortunately, successful payment is not an accurate indicator of compliance.

Putting your "Practice Act" into Practice

We will work with you and your associates to educate your Therapists and Assistants so that they have a thorough and accurate understanding of the rules and regulations governing legal and ethical practice. It is possible to practice legitimately and still be profitable! We will help to show you how.

Understanding Reimbursement Guidelines and Regulations

The therapists in your program are the source of your revenue. It is essential that these therapists understand their responsibilities in this program. This represents potential liability for themselves as well as your program. Your reimbursement is based on compliance with these regulations. We can help you and your associates to understand these regs and function under them successfully, without jeopardizing reimbursement.

Applicable State/Federal Laws and Initiatives

The State and Federal Governments are undertaking every day, new laws and initiatives regarding Health Care. You need to be kept apprised and knowledgeable about these initiatives. It is no longer enough just to know how to treat patients! **Please refer to the "Three Essential Skills" under Practice Management for the non-practice owner.

Fraud and Abuse Initiatives

As you are no doubt well aware, governmental concerns over fraud and abuse within the health care system, have led to more aggressive enforcement of laws and regulations within the system. These initiatives remain as a high priority with State and Federal agencies. An understanding of these initiatives by your associates is essential in preventing unintended and incidental violations of these regulations. What were considered "innocent mistakes" in the past, are often viewed as fraud or abuse in the current environment. We can help your staff better understand these initiatives and avoid these mistakes.

Hotline Service

One of the suggested components of a successful Corporate Compliance Plan is the inclusion of an employee hotline. (See OIG Compliance Guidelines, Federal Register/Vol. 64, No. 121) Mailly & Inglett Consulting can provide you with a Toll-Free Hotline Service to assist you in understanding and complying with these guidelines.

"Surrogate Compliance Officer" Service

It is not feasible for a small program to comply effectively with all aspects of a Corporate Compliance program. One option is to allow us to act as your surrogate Compliance Officer. There can be distinct advantages to having this position filled by an "outsider" in case of possible complaints or litigation.

NJPTAid Electronic Newsletter

Given the current pace of developments occurring in the Health Care industry, it can be very difficult or impossible for a clinician to keep up. By reviewing, collecting, and disseminating the most pertinent information to you, by way of e-mail, we can assist you in staying current with these developments. We can also provide some personal insights, which our colleagues have found valuable. We will gather information form a variety of sources including, but not limited to:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Modern Healthcare
  • The New York Times
  • The Washington Post
  • American Physical Therapy Association & State Chapter
  • State Board of Physical Therapy & other Regulatory Agencies
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • US Office of the Inspector General
  • US Department of Health and Human Services
  • Federal Register
  • Food and Drug Administration

By sorting and categorizing this information, M & I Consulting can make it more relevant to your program, and save you and your associates hours of searching. This information is then sent out to you as it becomes available.

NJPTAid Listserve

Are you always looking for information to use in your reimbursement, management, or regulatory battles? We hope you are not making the same mistake that some of your colleagues make, asking for information from unmonitored and unmoderated listserves. These "chat rooms", while sometimes entertaining, can often be a source of very dangerous misinformation. Our service is actually a group education and research tool, where your questions are shared for the benefit of the group. Your identity remains anonymous, but the responses to your questions are viewed by all.

NJPTAid Electronic Newsletter

This is an electronic news service that delivers relevant, timely information directly to our website. We scan the Internet daily, to search for this information, sort by interest area, and rate it by level of importance (low, medium, high). We post a brief summary of this information, and an embedded link to the full article/document. You cannot request information via this service. This is a read-only service.

Subscription Rate: Free to Registered Users

NJPTAid Listserve

This is not the typical listserve with which some PTs may be familiar. This is not a chat room. This service might be best described as a research and education tool. Questions may be asked of the moderators, and the subscriber may request information. The communication is directly with the moderators, not the list. The response is made to the entire list, with relevant sources, citations and/or applicable links. The poster remains anonymous by redacting identifying information from the original post. When opinions are rendered, they will be identified as such. Subscription includes NJPTAid Online Newsletter e-mailed to you directly, without having to visit website.

Subscription Rate: $50.00 per year

Compliance Hotline

This is a private and confidential communication service between subscriber and M&I Consulting. As part of your subscription, you are provided with a toll-free telephone number to utilize for your inquiries. The response is made to the requestor only. As with the Listserve, appropriate sources and citations will be provided directly to the individual requesting information, or asking questions. Subscription includes NJPTAid Online Newsletter and NJPTAid Listserve.

Subscription Rate: $100.00 per year

Note: Clients of M&I Consulting receive complimentary subscriptions to the NJPTAid Online Newsletter and Listserve for the duration of their agreement. Individual subscription rates above are subject to a 10% discount for APTA members. For more information on the services described in this message, or to request more detailed information about the full scope of services available from Mailly & Inglett Consulting, please call: 973 692-0033 or e-mail us at info@ or visit our website at