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Mailly and Inglett Consulting, LLC FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I track the amount of work/time you put in or bill me? For example, you can tell me that it took you 2 hours to review my practice profile, etc.

We always provide an estimate in advance of how long we feel it may take to fulfill a specific request or complete a specific project for you. Keep in mind that most projects or requests that people make of us require 45-60 minutes to complete, and something like reviewing the Practice Profile would be more on the order of 15 minutes. All I can tell you is that our business model calls for a large number of clients billing a small number of hours. This is in stark contrast to most consulting firms that you may speak to, who are looking for a small number of clients billing a large number of hours. For example, some companies will look for you to pay up to $10,000 dollars before they will even give you the time of day.

Can you give me an estimate on how much money this process will cost me utilizing your services? I do realize that this all depends upon how involved I want you to be. Ballpark figures--give me numbers on several different scenarios.

As we always say, and as you note above, you determine whether and how much you will utilize us. None of our current clients have ever used us for more than 4 or 5 hours in a year. An obvious exception to this could be a practice that is looking for a comprehensive evaluation of their entire practice, from intake to collections, which could take many hours.

On the practice management agreement, the "term" under section 2: What is the agreed upon continuation of the term?

The term is for one year, and is automatically renewable, unless terminated by either party with or without cause.

Do I need the practice management agreement notarized before I return to you?

The agreement does not need to be notarized unless you prefer it to be. We do not require notarization, as we deal primarily in good faith.

You sometimes seem to paint a "grim" picture of the private practice industry in physical therapy during these declining reimbursement days. It sometimes seems as though you are trying to say if I did not utilize your services, then my chances of success would be greatly reduced. I do understand that you are trying to sell your services, but please understand that I am trying to protect my resources.

We would never be bold enough to claim that no one can succeed without us, as that would be a gross exaggeration. Our real concern is that we have encountered so many colleagues that have, by their own admission, been successful in spite of themselves. This means that they may be placing their practice and livelihoods at risk without even knowing it. We want our colleagues to make informed strategic decisions, not uniformed guesses due to ignorance. As I'm sure you realize, we are ALL trying to protect our resources, but as we are also saying above; some are doing a better job than others.

I am an APTA member so does this member discount apply to all future and current billings? Also, if I pay via credit card on the website, will there be future deductions made on my credit card for the work you do? If so, I would like approval before any of this occurs.

The APTA member discount will apply for as long as you remain a member.

We cannot place charges on your credit card, because we simply do not have the capability or mechanism to do so without your authorization. This is the major reason that we opted to use PayPal as a third party for these transactions, so that we don't have your credit card information.

How can I use a consultant? I am "just" an employee.

To be honest, you may be the one MOST in need of a consultant, or adviser. It is important to remember that you as an individual have standards and requirements by which you can be judged. In fact, you as an individual may actually be MORE regulated than the setting in which you are practicing. The most dangerous mindset to have is probably that of being an "employee"!

Do I really need a consultant?

Well, you may be shocked by our answer, but hopefully not! If you have complete knowledge of the standards applied to your services, and can cite the source for your knowledge when challenged, then you probably don't need a consultant. If you can't, read on!

Do I have to sign up as a client for hundreds of dollars in order to have a consultant?

An emphatic NO! The reason that we offer subscription services is so that individuals can have access to a consultant without spending hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. Obviously, we are able to offer much more specific and extensive assistance to clients than subscribers, but it may still serve the needs of most PTs and PTAs.

Can I sign up as an individual and have my staff included in my subscription?

No. Subscription services are made available to individuals alone, by separate subscription. Practices can make these services available to their staff by signing on as a client and including their staff as authorized users.

Can I sign up as an individual and have my staff included in my subscription?

No. Subscription services are made available to individuals alone, by separate subscription. Practices can make these services available to their staff by signing on as a client and including their staff as authorized users.

Benefits of becoming an M&I client.

  1. Free One-Year subscription to all services: Savings-$100
  2. 2-4 Hours of Consulting or Educational Services: Savings-$50-$100 (compared to non-clients)
  3. Access to all services for any and all individuals that you designate.

Total Savings=$150-$200

Is information about my practice secure if I sign on as a client?

When you agree to become a client of M&I, you sign a Practice Management Consulting Agreement, which protects you and your practices' information. Confidentiality and privacy are obviously the keystone to having an outside individual or entity come into your practice.

Can I sign on as an Individual first, and then upgrade to a Practice Client later on?

Absolutely! You must bear in mind however, that it is you alone who has a subscription, and not your staff. Also, the services available to you are limited by the nature of the subscription.

What type of paid servies do you offer?

NJPTAid Online Newservice-Free for Registered Users, E-Mailed to Subscribers & Clients

This is an electronic news service that delivers relevant and timely information directly to you via e-mail. We scan the internet daily to search for this information, sort it by interest area, and rate its' level of importance (low, medium, high) You will receive a brief summary of this information and an embedded link to the full article/document, where applicable. You cannot request information via this service.

*If you are looking for specific information, you should consider our Listserve below, or our Hotline as described on our "Compliance" page.

NJPTAid Listserve-$50 per year

This is NOT the typical listserve that most may be familiar with. This is not a chat room! The service may be best described as a research and education tool. Questions may be asked of the moderators, and the subscriber may request specific information. Your communication is directly with the moderators, not the list. The response is made to the entire list, with relevant sources, citations and/or applicable links. This allows ALL to benefit from the information obtained. Remember, if YOU have a question, you can be assured that others have the same question. The poster remains anonymous by deletion of identifying information from their post. When opinions are rendered, they will be identified as such. Subscription includes the Newservice described above.

This enables INDIVIDUALS to access limited consulting services for their state-specific needs.


Mailly and Inglett Consulting is offering a free 30 day trial membership to the M&I Listserve. In order to qualify, all you have to do is complete the normal site registration process and submit an email to info@ with Free Offer in the subject line so that we can activate your trial subscription to this valuable service.

To complete your free website registration, please use this link: Your Account.

Please note that your registration information is not shared with or sold to third parties.

Note: Clients of Mailly & Inglett Consulting receive complimentary subscriptions to the NJPTAid News Service and Listserve. Rates above are subject to a 10% discount for members of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). These services are made available as stand-alone limited consulting services for individual practitioners, NOT PRACTICES. For more comprehensive services, and for practices/facilities click on the link for "Consulting Services".

**We also offer a Compliance Hotline for Individuals or Practice clients, and a Surrogate Compliance Officer service for Practices/Programs. Click on "Compliance Services" link below for more details.

Every practice/facility agreement includes a subscription to our Compliance Hotline, for an additional savings of $100. For more information, click the appropriate link to your left.**

Click on the "Consulting Services" link to your left, to learn more about indivudal and practice consulting.

Click on the "Compliance" link to your left, for more in depth information on these services.

What type of Management Consulting Services do you offer?

Systems Analysis and Redesign

Is your program as efficient as it could be? Implement principles of Total Quality Management (TQM) and improve your programs performance. We can help you apply these principles, not to create new systems, but to improve existing ones. It is possible to improve your efficiency and profitability without creating redundancy and bureaucracy!

Policy/Procedure Development and Revision

Does your program have policies and procedures to address problems BEFORE they occur? We can assist you with the development and/or revision of these policies without creating an inflated bureaucracy. Ensure proactivity and avoid "red tape".

Defensible Claims

Maximize your reimbursement in compliance with accepted standards of practice and regulations. Unfortunately, the fact that a claim is paid, does not mean that it complies with regulatory requirements. Don't turn your receivables into payables! Don't leave money on the table.

Practice Management Skills for the Non-manager

It is critical for all practicing Therapists and Assistants to understand the essentials of Program Management. We will help your associates understand these essentials so that they know what will contribute to their own success, as well as the success of your program.

We will instruct you and your associates in the "Three Essential Skills" necessary for success in practice:

  1. How to effectively and efficiently service patient/clients.
  2. How to ensure payment for these services.
  3. How to stay out of trouble while doing 1 & 2!

Patient Management Strategies for success under Managed Care

In the current environment of Managed Care, it is not enough that clinicians know how to treat patients. In fact, it is probably less important than their knowledge of how not to treat patients. We will help you and your associates better understand, and function with an Internal Case Management model. Implementing such a model can have positive impact on your claims experience and liabiltiy insurance premiums.

Eligibility and Terms

These services are available ONLY to Physical Therapy practices, facilities and other business entities. They are provided to clients under a written agreement. This is for the protection of all parties, and for the preservation of privacy and proprietary information.

Please Note: We offer a reduced rate for Small Physical Therapy practices, defined as having no more than three (3) licensed associates.

For more information on options for your facility or practice, contact us.

If you are an individual PT or PTA acting as an employee or independent contractor, you should consider our Subscription services.

Clients of Mailly & Inglett Consulting receive complimentary subscriptions to the NJPTAid News Service and Listserve described on the "Subscriptions" page, as well as a One-Year subscription to our Compliance Hotline (described on "Compliance" page) for a savings of $100.

What type of Practice Educational Programming do you offer?

"Developing a Private Fee Schedule"

Why? Before you can market a service, you must fully understand the full scope of that service. This program examines how to use our scope of practice to develop new service lines and create new revenue streams. We also discuss how to promote, price, and market these service lines.

"Practice Management for Non-Managers"

Why? In today's environment, staff clinicians play the key role in securing reimbursement. Everyone must understand this, and work to contribute to the overall success of the practice/program. Let us help you ensure that all therapists understand their professional responsibilities, and how these responsibilities relate to reimbursement and risk. Make your practice/program more successful by aligning the goals & responsibilities of your professionals with those of your practice/program.

"Clinical Strategies for Managed Care"

Why? Managed care is not going away. Let us show you how to incorporate an Internal Case Management (ICM) model to ensure reimbursement, reduce risk, maximize compliance and improve outcomes. Organizations and practices that implement such programs, are often eligible for discounts on their liability premiums, and are viewed more favorably when their services are scrutinized by outside agencies, entities, and the courts.

The above programs are available for presentation at your facility or practice as a separate service, for a fee of $100 per contact hour. They are structured as modules, and can be customized to your needs and available time slot.

What type of compliance education do you offer?

"The Science of Compliance"

Why? With the constant discusssion and emphasis on the topic of compliance, it is critical to have a complete picture of exactly what we're talking about. Compliance is NOT just about regulations. This session is a great introduction and foundation for developing your own compliance program. It can also serve as the first phase of a complete Compliance Education module covering: Government, Professional, and Payer standards.

"Reimbursement Guidelines and Regulations"

Why? Failure to comply with reimbursement rules can result in denial of payment and could open your practice to audit or worse. While many are aware that private payers follow the governments' lead, many don't think of a payer AS the Federal Government. This can be a fatal mistake for a practice or facility.

Understanding Fraud and Abuse

Why? In the current healthcare climate, inadvertent mistakes are not tolerated. Learn how to avoid these mistakes. Protect your pocketbook AND your license.

Trends in State and Federal Initiatives

Why? Healthcare initiatives, laws, and regulations are in constant state of change. Obtain a fuller understanding of the factors and forces affecting your practice.

The above programs are available for presentation at your facility or practice as a separate service, for a fee of $100 per contact hour. The length of these programs vary according to topic and intended audience. Contact us to identify and discuss your specific needs.

What types of Payor Services do you offer?

Claims Review Services

This service is not just geared toward bill review, but assistance in review of the total claim. The standards that exist regarding the submission of a claim need to be applied accurately and fully, in order to defend the denial of a claim as well as payment. Professional and regulatory standards can be used to challenge claims for payment, and provide a solid, and defensible,basis for denial.

Special Investigations

When you determine that you need to involve your SIU, do you seek the assistance of PTs in guiding the activities of your investigators? If you don't, you should. Many companies bring in experts to review material related to their investigations after the fact, when the expert should actually be involved from the beginning. Just as we have assisted attorneysin preparing for deposing ofwitnesses, we can assist your investigators in preparing a challenge of disability.

Regulatory Compliance Challenges

Sometimes, denial of a claim is only the first step, at least it should be. There are many legal and professional standards that must be met in order for a claim for service to be considered proper. If you simply deny the claim and move on, the illegitimate provider lives on to "claim another day". That is self-defeating. Let us help you to create longer-term solutions to your claims problems in a defensible, ethical, andevidence-based manner.

Payor Education

As payers, you are well aware that yourclaims examinersare your first line of defense against fraud, abuse, and over utilization. While it is not always necessary for you to retain the services of a consulting firm for first-level claims review, it is essential that you have knowledgeable peopleproviding this review. We can help educate your staff, on your behalf,to better scrutinize claims for physical therapy in particular, and rehabilitation in general. Thishas the potential not only to improve claims processing, but also to decrease provider misconduct.

Click here to request information on additional payor services from Mailly & Inglett Consulting.

What are the details about the Compliance Hotline?

One of the suggested components of a successful Corporate Compliance Plan is the inclusion of an employee hotline. (See OIG Compliance Guidelines, Federal Register/Vol. 64, No. 121). M&I Consulting can provide you with a Hotline Service to assist you in understanding and complying with these guidelines.

  • Help is just a toll-free telephone call away for your questions regarding compliance issues!
  • Demonstrate good-faith compliance efforts in accordance with OIG guidelines.
  • May be a mitigating factor in possible government sanctions.

If you are subscribing to the hotline as an Individual, you will only be able to bring information or questions to M&I Consulting yourself. Employees or colleagues cannot "share" a subscription to this hotline. If you wish to have this service available to others (employees, peers, etc.) you must enroll as a fully retained Practice/Entity client of Mailly & Inglett Consulting. You will then be asked to identify those individuals authorized to use the service. The alternative is to have others subscribe as individuals.

Can Mailly and Inglett Consulting provide a Surrogate Compliance Officer?

It is often not feasible for a small practice or program to comply with all aspects of a Corporate Compliance program. One option is to allow us to act as your Surrogate Compliance Officer. There can be distinct advantages to having this position filled by an "outsider" in case of possible complaints or litigation. This is an optional service provided to practices as a part of our client services, and is billed at our hourly rate.